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12 Best Alarm App on Android

Best Android Alarm Apps, Alarm is a tool we need in order to wake up on time. In the past, we often used alarm clocks as alarms, but with technological developments, now you can use alarms on your Android smartphone. You can even use a variety of alarm applications with various advanced features on your Android smartphone.

Quoted from gentooz.com, I will provide recommendations for the Best Alarm Applications on Android, of course with various advanced features that can be adjusted to their individual needs. Moreover, you can use the following alarm applications for free.

Best Alarm App on Android

Best Alarm App on Android

Waking up on time is sometimes a nuisance, especially when we are still very sleepy. However, the various android alarm applications below will not only make you wake up on time but will also make your morning wake-up more enjoyable.

1. Alarm

The first recommendation for the best Android alarm application is Alarmy. This application is the most popular on the Playstore, created by the developer Delight Room Co. 

This application has been downloaded more than 10 million times and managed to get a high rating value, which is 4.7.

Effective enough to wake the user, you are required to take a specific photo to make this alarm go off. You can be sure you will really move and have to concentrate until you wake up from your sleep.

2. I Can’t Wake Up!

Best Android Alarm Apps I Can’t Wake Up!, The app that 99% will wake you up in the morning. If you don’t wake up, you might pass out, fall into a coma and lose your life. That’s the response from users who have used the I Can’t Wake Up! application.

This application developed by Kong Creation can not only wake you up but also stimulates you in the morning.

There are several alarm modes to turn off alarms such as Shake Task, Memory Task, Barcode Task, and several other modes that you can customize to your needs.

3. Sleep as Android

Best Android Alarm Apps Sleep as Android, More than just an alarm that can wake you up, Sleep as Android is equipped with various interesting features that are useful for those of you who have difficulty getting up on time. The urbandroid Team created this best alarm app to analyze your sleep quality.

Not only that, the alarm application that has been downloaded more than 10 million times has an alarm sound feature to help those of you who have trouble sleeping. 

Well, for those of you who have difficulty waking up, this application is able to turn alarms into various challenges that require concentration so that you don’t sleep again.

4. Timely Alarm Clock

Best Android Alarm Apps Timely Alarm Clock will help wake you up without having to tell you to complete challenges like in previous apps. Because this application focuses more on the strains of tones and a pleasant appearance, it makes your morning wake up to be more cheerful.

Although many have questioned its effectiveness, this Bitspin-made application remains one of the most popular. 

This can be proven from the number of downloads that have reached 10 million times on the Playstore. What’s more, this best alarm app is included in the ad-free one.

5. Wave Alarm

Best Android Alarm Apps Wafe Alarm, The alarm application developed by the android developer has a unique way to use it. 

Wave Alarm users, as the name implies, users must shake their smartphones until the alarm sounds completely off. It will take you a few seconds for the alarm to go off completely, you will wake up and will not go back to sleep.

6. AlarmRun (Social Alarm)

Best Android Alarm Apps AlarmRun, One of the android alarm applications that have fun features. AlarmRun also provides a challenge or game to turn off the sound when you wake up.

What’s more, this application gives a score for each challenge which you can then share directly on social media. So you will continue to be motivated to wake up on time so you are not embarrassed by friends on social media.

7. Spina Alarm Clock

Best Android Alarm Apps Spina can be said as an android alarm application that requires a lot of user effort to turn off the sound of the alarm that is on. This application will require you to stand and turn in place a number of times.

Your movement will be detected by the application and the sound will stop if your movement is in accordance with the command.

8. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Wro Claw Studio also made an alarm app called Puzzle Alarm Clock that can wake you up in a fun way. In addition to repeating patterns and answering math problems, this application also provides a maze game mode until you actually wake up from bed.

9. Rooster Alarm Clock

Was your childhood used to getting up early after hearing the sound of a rooster crowing? If so, then an app called Rooster Alarm Clock is the right choice for you.

With this android alarm application, you can choose several rooster crowing and a cute rooster background clock displays as your alarm.

10. Glimmer

Not just making a sound, the best alarm application called Glimmer will also wake you up by emitting light from your smartphone.

The light that is emitted is like the light of the morning sun that will make you motivated to wake up faster.

11. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm

Nor is it an android alarm app that just wakes you up. SleepBot is an application that also functions to monitor, monitor, and provide recommendations for good sleep patterns for you.

Not only that, this application will also provide food and drink recommendations to support your sleep.

12. SpotOn Alarm Tour Spotify

For those who like to listen to music, they know the Spotify music streaming application, right? Through the SpotOn Alarm app, you can use your favorite song as an alarm tone to wake you up in the morning.

Well, that was the recommendation for the best alarm application on Android that can help you get up on time in the morning with a new spirit.