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Best Ideas to Entertain Your Kids at Home #FamilyFunDay

 Best Ideas to Entertain Your Kids at Home #FamilyFunDay

Best Ideas to Entertain Your Kids at Home
: Sometimes, going outside is just not possible. Therefore, you need to keep things exciting while staying at home. You can rely on these 12 ideas to have a family fun day to keep your kids entertained at home. Family fun day can begin at home! Check these 12 ideas to keep your kids entertained at home “I’m overwhelmed but I need to keep things exciting.” This thought may come across your mind when you and your kid have to stay at home for a period of time. But after all, they get tired of being inside. Things are boring and they are longing to play with their friends. Your kids just can’t stop looking at the window and begging for your permission to go out. If that’s the case, you’ve landed on the right article to find some fun ideas for a family fun day. These ideas can keep your kids’ mood happy and entice (instead of pushing) them to stay at home. Yes, having a break is one of our desires. But what if the situation doesn’t support you to spend the siesta time outdoors?

Best Ideas to Entertain Your Kids at Home

Staying indoors can be the one option you can take. Situations are sometimes getting out of hand and you can’t do anything to stop it unless accepting it as what it is. Nevertheless, the nuances will be different when your stay-at-home habit is to prevent and decrease outrageous circumstances like the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, it may be frustrating to actually have to be stuck at home as well as go through this pandemic ahead. But, instead of blaming and grumbling about the situation, you’d better see it as a positive chance to bond with your kids indoors. Take this situation to refresh your brain and recharge your spirit. Alongside, you can get intense family time and improve your family relationship by doing activities with family members. These 12 ideas can be a creative way to entertain your kid and as a positive means to deliver their pent-up energy. If you think that you have no sense of creating things, don’t worry! As long as your internet goes by you can make anything creative. Without further ado, check out these 12 ideas below to keep your kids excited for hours at home!

#1. Arts and Crafts

Have you found a kid who doesn’t like messing around with colors? So you haven’t either. Then, now is the right time to make arts and crafts to freshen up their vibes. Probably, you already know that crafting and making art are such engaging activities. When your kid is seeing the different shapes and colors of art tools, they will automatically grab and play with them. For starters, you can start painting on a canvas or cardboard. Once your kid sees what you do, they will naturally want to join in. Once they are absorbed in crafting, you let them be for some moment while keeping an eye on them. However, you are advised to join in as it can improve the parent-child relationship. If your kid is above 6 years old, you can also collect some beads to make jewelry. It will be much safer as they understand that beads are not to be taken into their mouth. You may refer to this YouTube channel for arts and craft inspiration for kids to enhance your family fun day.
Pro tip: Let your kid do it on their own so that it will look more authentic and attractive based on their imagination. Make rules with your kids that they can only do their art crafting in some area to prevent them from ‘redecorating‘ the whole house.

#2. Creative Games

As a start, you can introduce your kids to board games. Choose the easy ones with a colorful design. I usually choose puzzles for my kids. They get so happy and excited once they solve the puzzle and show everybody in the house about their ability to solve it. Yes, puzzles are tricky for kids, but that’s where the fun comes from! You can make easy puzzle games by yourself, and guess what? You don’t even have to make it 100% board games! Throw in some adventure elements with puzzles and voila, you’ve invented a game for your kids! Take this pirate puzzle game for example. Hide something around the house that your kids are interested in. Then, ask your kid to find them—the treasures. If you are creative, put some story to make the adventure more believable and exciting. If you hide their favorite doll, make sure that you come up with a backstory to explain why the doll is missing. Make some clues with puzzles to help your kids find the treasures. To make it more entertaining, you can pretend to be a pirate by wearing a hat or your old glasses, and every time they solve a clue you can say, “Aye aye, Cap’n” until they reach out the last clue and get the treasure on their hands. Such puzzle games can help your kid out of boredom rapidly and keep your little puddle-jumper entertained all day.
Pro tip: When the house is messy and you are too tired to clean it up by yourself, ask your kids to help by saying that you’ve hidden something in a certain area (e.g. their scattered toys on the floor). Guide them to put the toys back in the box and tell your kids that they may find something valuable.

#3. Reading

When was the last time you read to your child? Not only is reading a book essential for children of certain ages, but it can also improve their literacy skills. There is no reason to not read books to your kids! Yes, now is a good time to carve out family reading time. You can read them any kind of books such as fairy tales, fables, or daily life stories. Make sure to act up with gestures and voice to make it more appealing. Reading books to your kids is a well-known method to teach them about positive character traits.
Pro tip: Be dramatic while reading the book. Make sure that you select your kid’s favorite and make it relevant. Teach the lessons from the book and talk about it.

#4. Cooking

Cooking and baking are not exclusive to daughters. Sons can also learn how to bake cookies with colorful decorations. Teach them to how things go around the kitchen and appoint them to do simple tasks with little to no risk of injuries. For example, decorating a cake or cookies is a good start. Then you can work your way up to make hot chocolate or knead the dough.
Pro tip: Take away the sharp objects that can injure your kids such as knives and forks. Refer to this child safety in the kitchen guideline as precautions.

#5. Go Indoor Camping

As parents, you are aware that your kids yearn to play outdoors but it isn’t possible at the moment. What possible is to bring outdoors, indoors. Make a shift and don’t let your little ones be disappointed. Your kid still can get a cozy camping site at home. You just have to change your living room into an indoor camping site. Move the sofa and table to get a clear and broader space then prepare some stuff to make it like proper outdoor camping. Build a blanket fort and decorate it as if you’re on a camping site. Put some holiday lights, set some comfy pillows, and turn off all the big lights. Pro tip: Use an air mattress or sleeping bag to enhance the experience. Utilize clamps, clothespins, rubber bands, and books to hold the blanket fort together. Check this site to learn how to build the best blanket fort for kids.

#6. Gaming Time!

If you or your partner owns console games or PC games, it’s time to boot it up. First, if you let your children play games, be it online games, pc games, console games, make sure that you pay attention to what they play. Second, you better play with them! Children who like gaming from an early age may spend too much time on the device if you are not paying enough attention to them and set the ground rules. Now, playing games with your kids can strengthen the parent-child bond and help you better understand what’s going on in their world lately. Help your kids to choose games that are appropriate for their age and give parental guidance. It is only possible when you are there with them, sitting and playing the game itself. Give direction on what kind of game your kid should play and when they should play it. Although gaming has its own benefits, it can also be addictive at the same time. Regulating the gaming time and the type of game can save you from troubles later on. One way to do this, if you let your kids play games at all, is to play with them.
Pro tip: Online games can be harmful to your kids. If you are not well-informed about the internet and the gaming world, choose offline games. They are better and safer for you and your kids.

#7. Dress-Up for A Home Fashion Show

It’s not Narnia where you can get into your wardrobe and then a whole magic world appears where you can take your kids on an adventure. But, your wardrobe can be the next idea for a family fun day. Start an exciting dressing-up show with your little ones and turn them into gorgeous fashion stars. Go check out your closet and let your kid choose their favorite items. They’re going to love picking up the items they find interesting. Help them mix-match the clothes and arrange unique costumes to perform.
Pro tip: Choose a set of clothes that you won’t mind being torn. Accidents may happen. You will be less sad if your less-loved clothes are being torn.

#8. Executing a Science Experiment

Amuse your kid by conducting a series of science experiments. Science Fun offers a great variety of science experiments you can try with your kids. You will never run out of science experiment ideas for kids anymore! Take a good look at the experiments you want to perform, and find the reason behind them. This step is necessary in case your kids will ask stuff about the experiment. It is best when you can explain it in a simple way. If you can’t, elaborate on the questions and search for an answer online.
Pro tip: Follow every direction and pay attention to what’s needed in the experiment. Most science experiments for kids are safe, but the result may be messy. Select one area in the house where you conduct the experiments. When possible, dress your kids in some science gear such as glasses and white coats to improve the experience.

#9. Blowing Bubbles

The next idea for a family fun day is to keep them occupied with soap bubbles. All you need is some drops of laundry soap. Put it into a little cup and add some water. Mix them up and use a straw. Teach your kids how to blow and make the bubble properly. Ensure that they understand and not sipping the soap instead. By doing this, your kid will be entertained and have a fascinating playtime with the bubbles.
Pro tip: Let your kid blow the bubbles outside the house. For example on the balcony or in the yard. Otherwise, you can end up with sticky soap around the house.
#10. Rearrange the Furniture If you have been longing for a new cabin ambiance and setting, then it’s time to mix up and rearrange your furniture around. Ask your kids to help you build a different layout and get better scenery. Allow your kids to participate and let them move lights-and-not-easily-broken kind of stuff around. Let them decide where to put his belongings. It teaches your kids to be responsible for their items and collections.
Pro tip: Start rearranging the small room such as a closet or bathroom. When your kids get comfortable enough, you can work your way up to the larger room.

#11. Gardening

Are there any kids who don’t like being dirty? Fact is, most children love being outside, digging the soil, getting dirty, creating things, and watching you plant your own food. Gardening is healthy and can be a new fun experience for kids. Children may develop a new set of skills and learn about the science behind their food and the nature around them. Choose large and bright colored plants as a start (e.g. sunflowers and pumpkins).
Pro tip: Make sure that your garden is a safe place for kids with proper and suitable equipment. Refer to this child’s safety guide for better preparation.

#12. Watching Movies

After doing several non-screen activities, then you tend to take your kid to a screen time activity in the living room. Surely, they would be delighted to watch movies because they don’t need to move around or organize anything. They just have to sit and enjoy the movies.
Pro tip: Make sure to choose appropriate movies for your kids and give parental guidance and advice. When possible, watch the movie first to filter out any scene that you think is inappropriate for your background or culture.

Conclusion Family Fun Day

A family fun day should be enjoyable for both parents and children. By doing several activities together, you are strengthening the parent-child bond. However, be extra cautious on arranging a fun day and refer to the safety guidelines. Make sure that nothing can harm your kids or other family members while doing any activity. Choosing various activities can improve your kid’s sense, brain, and allow them to develop new skills. Spending time with your kids is essential for their upbringing and promotes good mental and physical development.