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15 Recommended Best Dating Apps on Android

Dating Apps Android Applications Find the Best Match – Advances in technology, especially on smartphones, have made it many uses for human life, one of which is in finding a life partner.

For those of you Android users, now you can easily find a mate through a special application for matchmaking developed by developers . What kind of application is that?

In this article Quote From Gentooz.com i will provide recommendations for the best matchmaking application that you can use on smartphones and android devices. 

With this matchmaking application you will not be single anymore. Moreover, some of the following dating applications can also find a mate from abroad, aka Caucasians.

Recommended Best Dating Apps on Android

Best Dating Apps on Android

Finding a mate is now very easy to do. This is thanks to the best matchmaking application that you can install on Android. So you can find a mate either in one area or even abroad.

1. Tinder

The name of this popular matchmaking application, you must know it very well, right? Yes, Tinder is a modern dating app that brings together single men and women.

You just swipe right to like and automatically send friend requests. 

Then swipe left if you’re not interested. This app has millions of users from all over the world. You can also find a mate in the area around where you live.

2. CMB Free Dating App

Coffee Meet Bagel or CMB is a very popular android matchmaking application out there. Every day, at noon the men will get a list of profiles of girls in their area.

While the women will also get a list of men who have expressed interest. So, you can get to know each other more closely. This application is also easy to use. However, unfortunately this application is fairly large in size.

3. MeetMe

MeetMe is also another location based dating app, this app will help you to find a single man or woman. 

With this application you can meet someone not far from where you live.With this application you can find friends, date or even express your intention to find a girlfriend. 

One of the advantages of this application is that you can immediately find a girlfriend.

4. Badoo

The next recommended matchmaking application is Badoo, which is one of the most popular online dating agency services. The People Nerby feature allows users to find a partner in the local area.

Another plus, this application already has millions of members from various countries. So, with this application you can get acquainted with different people from other countries.

5. eHarmony

The next application is eHarmony which provides online dating services. To be able to join you simply register using a Facebook account and then simply fill out a questionnaire and upload photos.

Each answer to the questionnaire will be a reference to find matches with other profiles. This application is also one that provides the feature of finding a partner according to the area where you live.

6. Happn

Happn is a matchmaking application for Caucasians that requires you to use a Facebook account to join. Make sure your Facebook account is good.  After that, you can see a row of profiles that display their name, age, occupation and location.

Click like if you like and click X if you are not interested. Later you can directly chat , after your friend request is accepted.  This application also has many interesting features to communicate with each other.


JAUMO will make it easier for you to find people who are single.  Best of all, this app is completely free with no extra costs at all. So you can enjoy all the features for free.

With Jaumo you can meet new people. Find out who you like and you decide where you want to continue.

8. Clover Dating App

Clover is a matchmaking application on Android that will help you find new acquaintances with single status. 

You can use this application for free, but if you find it suitable and comfortable you can subscribe to enjoy all the features.

You can also request requests to meet each other. The criteria for the partner you want is also very accurate. This application is also quite light.

9. OkCupid Dating

OkCupid is one of the best matchmaking apps on android which is very popular and gets a high rating on Google Playstore. One of the things that makes this application much liked is because the algorithm system is good enough to find people who are according to your wishes.

10. Zoosk

Zoosk can also be used to find single women or men that you can later meet or date with.  You can enjoy the features in this application for free. One feature that is quite interesting is that you can see who has viewed your profile.

11. BeeTalk

BeeTalk will help you to find new friends around you, besides that it can also be used to find a mate. 

You will be facilitated with various interesting features such as Forums, Kluns, Radar, finding friends around, sending messages and much more.

In other words, you can also take advantage of the features above to find a partner.  Unfortunately, this matchmaking application is less popular, so not many Android users use it.


Setipe is an app similar to Tinder that allows its users to find a life partner.  In terms of features and functions, the two applications have many similarities.

However, if you want to find a partner from Indonesia, then this application is more suitable.


One of the best applications for those of you who are looking for a genuine Indonesian partner. KEPO has several interesting features, such as talking, chatting to setting up a meeting time.

With this matchmaking application you can find out complete information about your potential partner.  So, the risk of getting acquainted with the wrong person can be minimized.

14. Pick Your Match

Pick up Matchmaking is also one of the matchmaking applications that you must try if you want to find a real Indonesian life partner. There are many interesting features in this application.

15. Ideal Match.

Still the same as the previous application, Ideal Match is also one of the best applications for those of you who are looking for a genuine Indonesian partner.  This application is also fairly light when used.

Well, those were some recommendations for the best matchmaking applications on Android that you can use to find a mate or life partner from within and outside the country.