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11 Recommended Best Booster Apps on Android

The Best Booster Apps on Android – You must be often annoyed when your Android smartphone suddenly slows down, even though you really need it. 

This incident is often experienced by smartphones at affordable prices and have mediocre specifications.

Junk files that accumulate and don’t clean applications that often run on their own without you knowing it, which makes your smartphone slow and very fast when used. 

Don’t worry, this problem can be solved by using the Android Application To Speed ​​Up Your Smartphone , Quoted from gentooz.com has summarized some of its applications that you can try.

Best Booster Apps on Android

There are many factors that make a smartphone very slow when in use.  It could be because of the many cache files that accumulate, too many applications running or even because there is a virus.  Below are some applications to speed up your smartphone.

1. 360 Mobile Security

Booster application that has been so popular it does have some features that can help you in improving the performance of You smartphones. 

360 Security  apart from being an Antivirus that can protect your smartphone from all kinds of harmful viruses and malware. 

This app can also boost your Android Device up to 60%, by recovering cache. 

In addition, you can also increase the speed while playing games, so you don’t have to worry when playing games that require large resources.

Recommended Best Booster Apps on Android

2. Clean Master Boost & Antivirus

You must be familiar with the Clean Master application developed by Cheetah Mobile.

Clean Master can install apps, junk files, releaseable publications on your smartphone . 

In addition, Clean Master also has an AppLock feature that can activate applications that allow others to open them. 

Viruses and malware also cannot fight your smartphone because Clean Master is equipped with antivirus.

3. DU Speed ​​Booster

This application that can improve and optimize a smartphone is already very popular, and has even become an application for several smartphone brands. 

DU Speed ​​Booster can save junk files and protect your smartphone from viruses and malware that can damage your android device. 

DU Speed ​​Booster can also clean up RAM space, so when you play games it won’t feel sluggish.

4. Game Booster 2 Root

Game Booster 2 Root  is an application that can optimize the game you are playing.

So you will not enjoy lag or slowness while playing games. 

This application is very useful for those of you who like to play heavy games but have less supportive smartphone specifications. 

GameBooster also has a speed that matches the game you are playing.

5. Memory Booster – Ram Optimizer

This Booster application is very useful to take advantage of the ability and use of RAM.

By using the Memory Booster application you can find out the memory status, bypass heavy applications that are running without you knowing it, and can improve the performance of your smartphone so it doesn’t slow down.

6. Smart Booster

One of the biggest reasons according to your smartphone you feel you are slow is the lower speed of RAM (Rando Access Memory) Amount Available.

 To overcome the limited RAM space you can use the Smart Booster application which can increase and optimize RAM usage, as well as use unnecessary applications that often take up RAM space.

7. Game Booster and Launcher

There are so many games available on the PlayStore ranging from those that have low to high specifications, even those that can only be played on certain Android Smartphone devices.

To overcome things that are often experienced by gamers such as lag or strength near women, you can use the Smart  Booster application.

This multi-functional application besides being able to optimize your smartphone, you can also use the Launcher.

8. CCleaner

For you Desktop users, you must be very familiar with this application and it may be one of the software that must be installed.

CCleaner has a way of working that is almost the same as the Desktop version, namely storing junk files in memory so that the available space becomes more.

Just one click and all the trash on your smartphone will be wiped clean.

9. Seeder

Seeder is one application that can increase the speed of your Android.

Seeder can overcome the lag problem that usually appears on Android smartphones, but to use this application the smartphone must be rooted first.

10. Apus Booster +

Apart from creating Launcher apps, Apus also develops Booser apps that can enhance and optimize your Android device.

Apus Booster + will save all the junk files that are in memory, so space will be more spacious and your smartphone will be faster and optimal.

11. The Cleaner – Booster & Cleaner

The Cleaner is an application that can be used for your phone , a way to add other Android Booster applications. 

This application will install cache and optimize RAM so that your smartphone will be faster. 

Another advantage is that this application is also very light when used.

Thus a list of recommended Android Booster Applications to Speed ​​up Your Smartphone. Keep visiting here for information and tips about Android.