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Shipping Containers for Sale in Indonesia

Looking for shipping containers for sale in indonesia? If one of our new build containers straight from the manufacturer is within your price range, we encourage you to invest in one. 

When looked after well, a newly purchased sea container can hold its resale value for years. You will not only get years of use out of it, you will have an asset that is relatively valuable when the time comes to upgrade again. 

Alternatively, we have second hand containers for sale from a diverse network of suppliers including shipping lines. These second-hand models have been tested and inspected for quality and condition, and can safely be used for a variety of applications.

Buy a shipping containers for sale in indonesia

Shipping containers are designed to safely transport cargo or freight whilst being exposed to the wear and tear of months at sea. It's a hard life for containers as they are moved from port to port, ship to ship, loaded and unloaded and stacked up high. 

It's not uncommon to come across a sea container that is more than 10 years old nor any surprise that their durable, scalable nature has been used in residential, commercial and industrial applications such as for storage or portable workshops. 

They are fast becoming popular as outer shells for site offices, sustainable homes and much more; they’re also great to use as long term storage on your premises, should local regulations allow. If you would like specific advice on sourcing and using a container for a particular special project.

How to inspect a shipping container for sale

  • Walls : Inspect the interior and exterior walls for damage. Chipped paint from cranes or forklifts can eventually cause rust spots. Step inside the container, close the doors and see if light comes through any holes. Make sure there's someone there to let you out! While you are there, can you smell mould? There may be leaks or spilled cargo contents.
  • Doors : Test both doors, do they open all the way, easily enough for your access requirements? Do the doors close easily and seal tight? Can you secure the locking mechanism?

Where Do One-Trip Containers Come From?

When you purchase one-trip shipping containers, you are buying something that hasn’t been used for more than several weeks. 

Our one-trip containers for sale have undergone a single transit from a major container manufacturing center (typically China) to their port of destination. 

They were loaded with a single cargo and transported overseas, unloaded, and are now as-new storage containers for sale.

What Type of Wear-and-Tear Can I Expect from a One-Trip Shipping Container?

One-trip containers from Used Conex are thoroughly inspected for damage and wear-and-tear prior to going on the market. 

Our multi-point shipping container inspection ensures that each unit has not suffered any structural damage, has any holes or rust, is dirty and unsanitary in any way or has otherwise been compromised in quality.

One-Trip Shipping Container vs. Used Shipping Container

A one-time shipping container can last as long as 20 years or more. If you have a business where presentation is a big factor, a one-trip shipping container comes with a clean finish, little-to-no rust or damage, and blends well with a tidy environment.

Depending on its age, a used shipping container may not offer the same benefits as a one-time shipping container or at least not aesthetically.

Used shipping containers typically come with a limited lifespan and resale value. It’s important to consider the above points when reviewing cost savings and comparing one-time and used shipping containers for your needs.

We guarantee only the highest-quality one-trip containers with negligible wear-and-tear. But if you don't mind the surface dings and dents, a used container is a more pocket friendly choice.

One-Trip Containers Features & Benefits

  • Grade-A Shipping Container
  • As-New Condition
  • Cost-Effective
  • Clean
  • Original Paint
  • Original Manufacturer Warranty
  • Suitable for Long-Term Use

Want one-trip shipping containers? Buy & sell at best prices & overview

What’s a one-trip shipping container and should it be your next big investment? We’ll tell you all about one-trip containers and how you can buy them right here.

 Want to get in touch with our expert team to find the best one-trip containers available globallyAre you struggling to source prime quality containers that fit your budgetary requirements? You don’t always have to buy a new container to get an assurance of good quality. 

Instead, you can buy the second-best thing next to a new container: a one-trip shipping container. These containers are excellent in shape and quality. They are, undoubtedly,  much superior to used containers. Also, most importantly, they are cheaper than your brand new containers.

Wondering where you can source these superior containers? On xChange you can find a variety of one-trip containers for the price that piques your interest.

So, why not give our easy-to-use trading public search a try? Simply, enter your location and container type below to get started. You’ll instantly get a list of available containers.

What is a one-trip shipping container?

Containers that are used once before they reach their destination are called one-trip shipping containers. These boxes have been loaded with cargo one time and have made a single trip.

Typically, one-trip shipping containers are shipped to their destination country with cargo inside. As a result, it keeps the cost of shipping down as the cargo will effectively cover the costs of shipping the container.

Don’t confuse them with one-way containers. You can learn more about those in this separate blog post.  Up next, let’s understand what makes one-trip containers different from new containers.

Know the difference: One-trip containers vs new shipping containers

One-trip containers are pretty much as new as they can get. If you buy a brand-new shipping container straight from a container manufacturer in China, you’ll have to ship it to where you need it, right?

By doing so, you take the otherwise brand-new container, on its very first trip – making it a one-way container. Below you can see which condition you can expect your one-trip container to be in once you receive it. 

Condition and features of one-trip shipping containers

Often, when one-trip containers reach their destination, they are put up for sale. Since they haven’t spent much time on the ocean or in the container depots and terminals, they’re still in prime condition.

One-trip containers spend an average of 75-90 days in total on the sea, before being listed for sale. They’re not brand-new, but they’re not used either.

Every time a container is picked up, loaded, and unloaded, it gets wear and tear from the forks, dents, and bruises from being stacked. So, you should expect minor dents and scratches on the sides, as well as inside the container. There can be some marks on the sides and roof of the box after transportation. 

Forklifts also leave marks on the container floor during handling. But all of these things are considered normal. Although, you should think twice before accepting a container with visible structural damage, even if it has been used only once.

The life of a one-trip container

If you buy a one-trip container, you can expect it to make a trip very similar to the life we’ve pictured below:

Indonesia Shipping Containers for Sale

The lifespan of the one-trip shipping containers is much longer than the used cargo containers. The used container, regardless of the current condition, has time spent at sea and requires more maintenance. 

So, if you are to buy a one-trip container, you can expect your investment to last longer than if you were to buy older containers in other conditions. 

And if you’re thinking of selling your one-trip container, you’ll get more money compared to used ones. This is because one-trip containers have a much higher resale value. Let’s explore this in the next section of the blog.

Why should shippers buy one-trip containers?

As previously mentioned, one-trip containers are considered the cream of the crop in terms of prime condition. They are bound to last much longer than the used containers.  

As a result, shippers can take advantage of the condition and use these containers for multiple purposes. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a container for purposes such as:

  • transport of goods,
  • storage space,
  • cargo container Homes,
  • bunkers,
  • …and so on.

In all of these cases, a one-trip container is the ultimate choice. Especially, when you want a container to remain static for a long time. 

Normally, containers only pick up wear while they’re handled (e.g. lifted, moved, transported, loaded, etc). If they sit on a site, they need minimal maintenance. 

So, if you are buying your new one-tripper for a storage purpose, it might as well last over 20 years. Definitely, much longer than the used containers. 

Plus, if you wish to sell these containers after some time, you’ll get a good deal. This is because its good condition maintains high resale value in the second-hand container markets. 

On xChange, you can seamlessly find one-trip containers at great prices and trade with only trusted suppliers in China. Want to learn how? 

Then click on the banner below to get in touch with our expert team. They’ll show you how to exactly find and buy these unique containers.

Find one-trip containers

Why are one-trip shipping containers a good investment for sellers?

We know that buying one-trip containers hosts a number of benefits. But did you know that sellers can use one-trip containers to maximize their profit margins? 

Oh Yes! This can be done by buying a container, repositioning it, and then selling it at a location with a high container price. Let’s break up this exciting investment strategy into digestible pieces. Here’s a quick scenario to consider:

Imagine you just bought a 40ft HC one-trip container from Shanghai (China) for US$ 3,857 using our trading platform. You then use our leasing platform to rent out your container to Houston (the US) for US$ 2,000 for a one-way move. 

Your container is now a one-trip container in Houston. Once again on the trading platform, you sell the container in Houston for US$ 3,228. 

Even though the selling price is lesser than the buying price, you have actually ended up earning a profit. Let’s see how with this simple math calculation:

  • Bought in Shanghai: -3,857
  • Leased to Houston : +2,000
  • Sold in Houston      : +3.228
  • Total earnings         : +1,371

As you can see, you have increased your profit margin by US$ 1,371 using the buying-repositioning-selling strategy.

Want to find out how this strategy can work for your locations and how you can use xChange to your advantage? Get in touch with our expert team today.

Types of one-trip containers on xChange

So you’ve decided that you want to buy or sell a one trip shipping container, but not sure which type will best suit your needs? Fret not! Because this will be a thing of the past. On xChange there’s a variety of one-trip containers available globally. Now rest assured because you’re about to find the ideal one-trip container.